La Clochette Du Coin: The Bell on the Corner (translated)

Established: 2015 in San Diego

Our Goal: 

We are a company that believes in a coexisting diversity of ideas, products, people and experiences. For this reason, we are striving together to provide you with a unique experience every time you visit us.

Our Mission:

With our passion for food and our French heritage combined with an amazing creative team, we set forward on serving our community with great coffee and food with a mission. With the collaboration of chef Sean Le, we aspire to create an environment that foster creative French dishes with cultural twists from around the world. Ranging from classic comforts to urban plates, we devote our efforts to create a memorable experience within our community. 

Proudly established in San Diego, we are investing in the community by:

  • Empowering employees through training that would transform transitional jobs into longer-term careers;
  • Carry an environmental responsibility to better serve the planet with as many renewable and biodegradable materials as we can;
  • Explore with our community on the different ingredients and coffees used around the world;
  • Ethically put our team and community as our forefront priority 

We are honored to continue serving you, our loyal and amazing customers and community, and to continue inspiring the best out of life for you and those around you.

La Clochette Du Coin Family

Great products start with great people with a mission. We are extremely proud to be surrounded with the best people in the business - baristas, culinary talents and more - who believe in building a strong community and bettering people's lives start with a passion.


Willy - Founder

Favorite Drink: Single origin Honey Flat white

Favorite Food: Fried Rice 

Willy has a degree in Business and Finance from San Diego State University, and has established a total of 3 companies in the tech, culinary and service industry, including La Clochette Du Coin.


Karine - Co-Founder

Favorite Drink: Flat White

Favorite Food: "Romazava" - a Malagasy stew made with zebu meat and local leafy greens.