La Clochette Du Coin, which means "the little bell on the corner" in French, is a local coffee house on the famous Windansea of La Jolla. With a strong influence from French culture and with a passion for coffee, the owners, Karine and Willy, decided to team up and build a coffee house that portrays the values of where they are from.

La Clochette Du Coin and its team strive to be affiliate as a vibrant and preferred destination for the community to get together and unwind.

To do so, we are committed to use high quality ingredients to offer the most refined products to customers. To achieve a company culture that will drive professionalism, and promote fun and positive working environment. To be environmentally responsible, by offering safe, clean and amusing place for customers to enjoy. 

We care so much about your experience, we won't need to write down your name, because we will already know it. 


our coffee

We treat coffee very seriously. You will find multiple specialty drinks to be enjoyed over a range of different brew methods, treated with great attention to detail during preparation and extraction. We work closely with our roaster, Cafe Virtuoso, to develop a deep understanding of all the coffees we serve. Everyday our coffees are analyzed and calibrated by our knowledgeable baristas to ensure maximum flavor and consistency. 

Please enjoy our journey of discovery as we introduce you to new flavors and unlock the potential of our coffee.